Drug Charges

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Are you facing drug charges?

These might include:

  • Possess prohibited drug or plant
  • Possession of prohibited drug or plant with intent to sell or supply
  • Manufacture prohibited drugs;
  • Possess / cultivate prohibited plant
  • Possess / cultivate prohibited plant with intent to sell or supply
  • Possess any drug paraphernalia on which there was a prohibited plant or drug
  • Drug trafficking

Drug offences are treated by all courts as serious and the consequences of a drug conviction (even for possession of a small amount of drug) can be life-changing.

Rest assured, that if you are caught with drugs such as meth, cannabis, cocaine or speed, our criminal defence lawyers have significant experience representing clients faced with minor and serious drugs charges.

Drug charges can arise in a number of different circumstances and each case deserves a specialised and focused approach.

Our specialist legal team will address all of the legal issues and if appropriate, will challenge evidence and negotiate charges with the police and the Director of Public Prosecution.

At Timpano Legal, we ensure each client receives strong representation, support and 

guidance through every step of the legal process.

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