Timpano Legal Criminal Lawyers Broome

Timpano Legal Criminal Lawyers Broome

Timpano Legal is a leading provider of dedicated and practical legal defence services. You can trust our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of the legal system. Get the legal assistance you require now to achieve the best possible outcome with your matter.

Timpano Legal have been helping people that have been accused of committing crimes and supporting them through the Criminal Justice System for over 10 years.

Working closely with highly respected barristers and Queens Counsel in Australia, as well as international and national forensic experts and psychologists we are well equipped and advised to assist with all criminal matters.

Matters ranging from simple traffic matters, restraining orders to more serious indictable offences and appeals we are able to assist.

The principle of our firm Laura Willox, formerly Laura Timpano, has always been passionate to giving back to the community, by providing good quality legal representation to clients from all back grounds is how she and her team do that.

Laura and her highly experienced team of criminal defence lawyers provide vital, practical, and successful legal services. These services are available across Perth and Peel region, stretching to other more remote areas such as the Goldfields, Pilbara and Kimberley. We are aspiring to reach even towns as far as Broome to provide support for those that are in need.

As Laura grew up in the Waroona, the Peel region is very close to her heart. The sense of community and comradeship that comes from smaller communities such as Broome is something she highly respects and values.

“I’ve always seen the legal profession as a real privilege to be apart of. And I say that it’s a real privilege in a sense that when you speak to any member of the community or any client, they really listen to everything we have to say. They truly value your opinion. So, in that sense it’s a privilege and an honour to work with people and create pathway for them that enables them to grow and prosper.”

Our Vision and Values

At Timpano Legal, our vision is to be recognised for our ethics, passion and excellence in the practice of criminal law.

Our values of respect, compassion and practicality are the backbone of how we work and behave as criminal defence lawyers. These values direct how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, our advisors and the judicial system. They support our aspiration to make a difference.

Our values ensure our service to clients is respectful and direct while remaining supportive and practical. We take pride in providing compassionate and responsive criminal law advice and giving great client service.