Vision and Values

Leading Criminal Law Firm Perth

Timpano Legal is a market leader in providing dedicated and specialist expert criminal defence law services and representation. We have extensive experience and specialist knowledge in the practice of criminal law and we provide expert advice and representation in all Courts in Western Australia whether it be for a contested bail application, sentence hearing, trial or an appeal.

Our vision is to be recognised for our ethics, passion and excellence in the practice of criminal law. We walk the path with you every step of the way.

Our values of being compassionate, uplifting, courageous, refined and curious are the backbone of how we work and behave as criminal defence lawyers. These values direct how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, our advisors and the judicial system. They support our aspiration to make a difference.

Our values ensure our service to clients is respectful and direct while remaining supportive and practical. We take pride in providing compassionate and responsive criminal law advice and giving great client service.


We are warm, kind and caring. We acknowledge that everyone has a story to tell. We cultivate a secure environment for our clients to share their stories with us. We go above and beyond to address both the social and personal needs of our clients, recognising that this is essential to deliver the best outcomes for them.


We foster an uplifting and positive atmosphere, cultivating an energised environment where we collaborate as a connected and dynamic team to bring out the best in ourselves and our clients. We embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals from all walks of life. Every person who engages with us departs feeling uplifted and enriched, a sentiment reciprocated by us.


We are tenacious and driven in our pursuit of truth and justice. We recognise that life’s challenges offer opportunities for growth and evolution, and we encourage our clients to embrace a courageous mindset in confronting these challenges. We share the true essence of ourselves with clients, ensuring they experience the best of who we are. We, in turn, encourage our clients to dig deep and do the same in order that together we can achieve the best outcomes for them.


We maintain a refined approach to who we are, how we behave and what we deliver. Setting elevated standards for both ourselves and our clients is a source of pride, and we consistently aim for excellence in all our endeavours. By paying attention to the finer details, we ensure a deep understanding and acknowledgment of our clients’ needs. We thoughtfully curate pathways for them and remain committed to supporting and accompanying them every step of the way.


With an inquisitive spirit, we embody curiosity. We believe in knowing oneself and others, seeing not only the person before us but also the child and the story within. We place value on intuition, being discerning, and authentic in our interactions.

Our Approach

At Timpano Legal we don’t believe in ‘that’s not our job’ so we address the legal, social and personal needs of our clients as linked and not separate issues.

We will guide you through the legal process by liaising with all prosecuting bodies such as the State and Federal Director of Public Prosecutions as well as State and Federal Police.

As a market leader, Timpano Legal is very proud of its reputation for professionalism in their contact with Police, the Court, barristers and other third parties like medical health care professionals and other experts.

Hear From Our Clients


Absolutely professional throughout the whole messy, complicated ordeal. Everything was fully explained and always kept up to date. Not only a lovely person but highly professional.


I was lost and didn’t know what to do next, the staff at Timpano Legal were wonderful new exactly what to do, when other lawyers I had spoken to didn’t give me any encouraging advice, they kept in touch with me and informed at all times. They Won my case and we will be forever grateful.


I had my initial meeting with Laura regarding some criminal charges and this woman really cared. I feel completely confident having her represent me.


My experience with Laura Willox has been one of, professionalism, quality and friendship. This firm will go out of their way to accommodate you the client. I highly recommend Timpano Legal.


Thank you Laura & Team. Your compassion, respect, understanding & knowledge has helped reinsure me of my rights, and ensured that I received the outcome due to myself & my children. Highly recommend!


At an extremely difficult and worrying time, Timpano stepped in and managed my case with professionalism and care. We had a very positive outcome relatively quickly, and the stress associated with the ordeal was minimised thanks to the team’s ability to navigate the legal system.


I would recommend Timpano Legal as they give you straight to the point advice and work directly with you to sort out matters. Their friendly and experienced team are great and it would be hard to go past using this firm.


Thank you Laura and your lovely team, you held our hand as we navigated an unforeseeable event, your professionalism, honesty, down to earth nature and genuine concern helped us more than you realise, thank you for leading us to the best possible outcome.

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